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We know you will absolutely love our food. However, don't forget to tell us how good it is!

Superb drinks.

Superb food.

Superb service.

Who could ask for more?



Chicken wings

Mozzarella Sticks (6)

Onion Rings

           Chicken Finger/ Wings (10)

BBQ, Buffalo, Teriyaki, Sweet Chili, Bourbon

Fried Calamari

Deluxe Calamari (Sautéed in Banana Peppers, Olives, and garlic)

Potato Skins(4)

French Fries

Loaded Tater Tots

Jalapeño Poppers

Sampler Platter (2 Potato Skins, 3 Mozzarella Sticks, Fries, 3 Chicken Fingers)











Prices & Specials are subject to change

*Meats are cooked to customer's requst. Consumption of raw or undercooked foods of animal origin may increase your risk of food born illness.

Consumers who are especially vulnerable to food born illness should only eat food from animals fully cooked

Please alkert server of ajny food allergies